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Investment Approach

Four main tenets underpin our investment approach: personalized service, disciplined portfolio construction, rigorous oversight, and detailed reporting.

Personalized Service

Every client relationship begins with careful, thoughtful, and personal conversations about an individual’s or institution’s goals and objectives. This provides the foundation of a collaborative relationship that addresses – and anticipates – a client’s needs. Once goals, tolerance for risk, time horizon, and tax considerations are determined, we begin to consider an asset allocation strategy and to make investment recommendations. We appreciate the tax consequences certain allocation shifts may present and, consequently, may maintain certain existing investment positions over a period of time before moving into new recommended strategies. Once we have built a client’s portfolio we keep close watch, refining the approach as needed.

Portfolio Construction

We provide exposure to an appropriate mix of investments based on each client’s goals. We also seek to provide diversification with each asset class – across sectors, industries, and countries. We have access to investment platforms that offer leading investment managers, vehicles, and strategies. We employ a disciplined process to evaluate the investment opportunities.

Rigorous Oversight

We have a dedicated research analyst and experienced investment committee dedicated to following a stringent, methodical process to screen investments. We only select managers who meet specific criteria and pass our due diligence process. Once the appropriate investments have been chosen, we provide periodic reviews and make changes as often as necessary.


We provide quarterly progress reports that track:

  • Asset allocation
  • Interest and dividends
  • Gains and losses
  • Rate of return on an annualized basis
  • Portfolio balance

In addition, we also provide long-term performance analysis on an annual or as needed basis. We revise clients’ asset allocation and holdings to optimize investment performance. And, we meet with each of our clients on a consistent basis to review returns, discuss strategy and offer advice. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions our clients may have.

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